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Realism Artwork  REALISM  - The work presented in this section does not involve a camera. It is, instead, my response to the world my eyes see. It is about the way my mind uniquely records the colors, fields, planes and edges and translates them, using my medium of choice for the moment, into my personal response of its reality.

Surrealism Artwork   SURREALISM  - Here, I submit an arrangement of elements real/not real, balanced/unbalanced, mundane to terrifying, intellectual to inane as in a dream or poem....hopefully!  2-D, 3-D, paper, wood, steel, stone, plastic, bone, found objects. Break Some Rules!

Abstract Artwork ABSTRACT - I propose an abandonment of  traditional art images and literal meaning in favor of a purely graphic form; Line &Color! Abstract line in response to Charlie Parker and Be Bop fast line. The issue here is color and spontaneity achieved by reusing the same works to higher changes in color and form in each work.

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